so what was your thing you imagined when you looked out the car window as a kid?





for me it was my imaginary pet archeopteryx, who would glide from power line to tree to lamppost

if there weren’t enough trees and stuff then it was super mario running on the side of the road and jumping things

is this just an american thing or something?

I’ve never done this and I don’t think any of my friends (over here) did this.

Maybe our streets are more interesting or something. Did play I-Spy and memory games tho. Or maybe it’s just less/shorter car rides.

i’ve read lots of american & canadian kids saying they did this

i think it might very well be the more automobile-centered culture, i mean a lot of american kids have to ride a school bus for an hour each way every day just to get to school and then there’s having to drive everywhere forever to go to stores and stuff with your parents (idk what the getting-to-school commute is like for kids in other places)

For me it wasn’t that what was outside was uninteresting, just that the interest was kind of passive?   Imagining your little buddy running along side the car was a way of sort of interacting with the environment you were viewing, in a limited fashion.

Now I want to do an in-depth study of the phenomenon of “imagining things running along side cars: regional occurrences there-of & reasons for occurrence, or lack of”

P.S. My thing running along next to the car was usually a horse of some kind. 

I remember thinking about cheetahs or something fast, but in suburbia I have this weird image of a knife or some cutters cutting all the grass that stuck out past the curb. Sort of like the way you might cut the extra crust off of a two-layer pie to make it look nice.

I feel weird for saying that.

It would be interesting to study though.

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